I Made Homemade No Flour Oatmeal M&M Cookies…and They Didn’t Suck

Seriously y’all…this is a huge deal. A HUGE deal. I’ve told you time and time again that I don’t bake. I mean I do, sometimes, but not really. Every single time I break down and bake because the babies want something sweet, I use a box. As in (oh gosh…true confession time) I have 6 kids and cook almost every night of my life, but I’ve never, ever attempted to bake anything from scratch before. It is what it is. 

The babies wanted cookies. I really limit their sweets, and they were good today, so they should have cookies. I had no boxed mix. I Googled sugar cookies and they looked easy enough (even to me) so I promised them cookies. But doh…I had no flour. None. Not even a morsel. I was surely going to break their hearts, but I just couldn’t. They looked so sad. So, so sad. I had oatmeal and an idea and I decided to fade back and punt. I mixed, I experimented, and I said a little prayer. When these goodies came out of the oven, surprisingly (although admittedly not the prettiest cookies on the planet) they smelled amazing. AND the babies loved them. Heck, B thought they were good and he’s a baked goods snob. I DID IT! I made homemade cookies. YAY ME!

And since this recipe was so easy (because that’s how I roll) and apparently delicious, I thought I’d share it with you. Honestly, if you’re going to indulge on sweet treats (which I don’t), this is actually a healthier alternative. So here goes.

What you’ll need:
  • 1/3 cup melted no-salt butter
  • 1 egg
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 cups quick oats
  • 1/2 cup Milk Chocolate M&M’s Candies
What you’ll do:
  • Whisk the butter, egg, vanilla, and cinnamon together well
  • Mix in the brown sugar…why does that always have to be such a pain?
  • Pour in the oats and M&M’s and mix until you have a “batter”
  • Drop teaspoon sized balls onto an ungreased cookie pan and flatten slightly with a glass (like a glass glass, not a plastic one…don’t ask me how I know this…just trust me)
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes, let them cool for a few, and serve!

That’s it. Seriously…THAT’S IT! I feel like I’m so accomplished now. Pitiful, but true. I loved seeing the smiles on the babies’ faces and hearing them ask for “just one more”. For the record, they only got 2 each. I may just start baking on a regular basis now. Who knows? 

What’s your favorite EASY cookie recipe? Go easy on me because I’m a novice!

Make Someone Smile with Baking Ideas Inspired by M&M’s

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I don’t bake. Well, I didn’t until recently. You see, everything I make from scratch when it comes to baking fails. I can cook just about any gourmet dish with ease. I can grill. I make all of my sauces from scratch. But I just can’t bake! It’s a shame because baked goods always put smiles on the faces of my family and I’d like to think I’m the kind of person that could put a smile on the faces of others with tasty homemade treats. So lately, I’ve been experimenting and I’ve found what works for me. When it comes to baking, I’m a semi-homemade chef. As in, boxed cake and cookie mixes are pretty much a fabulous invention that even I can’t mess up, PLUS I can dress them up with my babies’ favorite candy ever, M&M’s, to give them that homemade flair.
These cookie “recipes” would be perfect for your next office party, classroom parties, or to gift to family, friends, or any of the friendly service workers in your life. AND they won’t take you a million hours to bake but they still have that homemade taste and look about them. I bought chocolate cookies in a box, peppermint frosting, Plain Milk Chocolate M&M’s of course, eggs, no-salt butter, and my first ever cookie pan. Like the real deal cookie pan. No more cookies baked on tinfoil. It’s time to get serious about this.
Simply bake the cookies according to the package directions and then get ready to get creative. I promise, no cookies were burned (nor harmed in any way) during Operation OH-NO Christy’s trying to bake again. And they turned out great!
I decided to make a variety of cookies in an effort to please everyone because that’s what I do. I started with M&M Sandwich Cookies and iced cookies.
For the sandwich cookies, I just took 2 equal sized cookies, frosted the flat side of each one, then put them together and garnished with M&M’s all the way around. For the iced cookies, I spread frosting all over the top, sprinkled some peppermint for a festive flair and then topped them with M&M’s. Are you seeing a trend here?
Bubby tested one of the sandwich cookies for me and I think he might have heard the angels sing. He declared this the “best cookie EVER”. This pleased me since I will be gifting most of the cookies we made.
Next up…M&M Whoopie Pies. That’s right, everyone’s favorite. I baked half of these cookies with M&M’s placed on top then simply iced the flat end of the non-candied cookie and sandwiched them together for the perfect whoopie pie. Easy, delicious, and fun!
By the time I was done, I had plenty of varieties of cookies ready for sharing. There were of course the sandwich cookies, iced cookies, and whoopie pies. But there were Chocolate M&M Cookies, dipped cookies, and glazed cookies as well. This glazing thing was a new concept to me and I think I dig it. Simply put the frosting (directly in the container it comes in) and melt it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It comes out very smooth and creamy. You can either dunk one side of the cookie in and garnish with your favorite toppings, or you can dip the top half of your cookie in there and do the same. The “dunk” looks like it has been dipped in milk and covered with goodness and would be a great idea to leave out for Santa this year. The glazed reminds me of a gingerbread cookie.
The key ingredient to all of our cookies was M&M’s. This is what gave it that personal touch and these are what makes these cookies taste so amazing. Bubby said so! You can find all of the M&M varieties in the candy aisle at your local Walmart. Bubby’s favorite are the Plain Milk Chocolate M&M’s and Bug loves the Peanut M&M’s best.
And in the spirit of the holidays, I made about 3 dozen cookies. Why? My family can’t eat 3 dozen cookies (OK, they can, but I won’t let them) so I packaged some up for shipping to a friend, I’m sending some to work with B, and I’ve got a Fed X package on the way so I plan on making my Fed X delivery person smile with a sweet treat of appreciation. It’s all about giving. Not just during the holidays either. Make someone smile today with the gift of #BakingIdeas inspired by M&M’s. And shhhh…don’t tell anyone my secret. Semi-homemade actually is homemade technically. I mean, I did make them at home, right?
For more baking with M&M’s inspiration, be sure to check out the Baking with M&M’s Pinterest Board. You better get your bib on though, because you’re going to be drooling!

Xbox One, Forza 5, M&M Granola Bars, and Ninja Turtles: Something for Everyone This Holiday Season

Before I share this holiday post, I should tell you that I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.
There’s just something about the Christmas season that brings out the best in me. I give up a few of my OCD tendencies, we decorate early (and often), I take time off to spend with my family, we bust out the video games, and I bake. You see, if you really know me, that last one is the strangest of all. I just don’t bake. At all. Almost never. Except for during the holidays.
But the holiday season is all about being thankful and for giving to others. The gift of homemade treats is always a hit for family, friends, service workers, teachers, or just anyone that happens to stop by. So I let my family’s love of M&M’s, video games, and Ninja Turtles inspire my early holiday baking this year. The what you say? Let me explain.
My babies love to play Ninja Turtles on our gaming system. I mean LOVE. And when the older kids are visiting, they play along until the babies go to sleep and then they bust out the racing games. It’s all about the Motorsports people. So when I heard that my daughter’s boyfriend would be getting an Xbox ONE, I knew just what to get him for Christmas. I headed to Walmart to check out all of the new games and the Forza 5 game immediately drew me in. This is the perfect gift for him for under the Christmas tree and I know he’ll get hours (and hours and hours) of enjoyment out of it. And while I was there, I remembered that there’s a deal going on now through Buy, Snap, Redeem that I didn’t want to miss out on. If you buy the Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox ONE game along with participating M&M’s products, you can receive a $10 eGift card to Walmart. Of course I picked up a few bags and that’s how video games, M&M’s, and Ninja Turtles inspired my holiday baking.
M&M Granola Bars:
  • 2 cups quick oats
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup Milk Chocolate M&M’s
  • 1/4 cup Peanut Butter M&M’s
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
Mix the quick oats, brown sugar, M&M’s, and marshmallows in a large mixing bowl. Separately, mix the peanut butter and honey in a small bowl and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften the mixture. Pour the softened peanut butter and honey into the dry mixture and stir until mixed well. Put granola mix in a 9×9 greased pan and bake for 18 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes and then cut into bars. Cool completely before serving or boxing up to let them set.
The holidays are upon us and you’ll want to be ready. If you, or someone you know, will be receiving the Xbox ONE this Christmas, be sure to pick up Forza 5 in stores now. If you love Forza 4, you’re going to be amazed with this newer, faster, and improved version. Bake up those goodies for friends, family, or other important people in your life. And be sure to stock up on M&M’s, the perfect stocking stuffer for kids of all ages! 
While you’re waiting for your festive treats to bake, have some fun with those M&M’s. Get creative with M&M Pixel Art and enter the Instagram Contest. Just post your creative pixel art to Instagram and use the hashtag #FueledbyMM for your chance to win. Tips for M&M Pixel Art: 1) Toss those OCD tendencies, 2) Realize in advance that all M&M’s are not the exact same size, and 3) The M’s will shift a bit…it’s totally OK. Bubby loves this imperfect Leonardo so much, he hasn’t even eaten it…YET!
Be sure to read the full set of instructions before you participate in the contest so you’ll be eligible to win!

Be sure to follow along on Pinterest for more fun and creative recipes using M&M’s! What’s your favorite holiday recipe? What video games are you looking forward to receiving and playing this holiday season? I’m still shopping for the holidays and ready for some more baking so I’d love to hear your ideas!