Adventure Time: The Complete 3rd Season

For the record, I received the following Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack with bonus features from Click Communications and their client. As always, all of the photos, ideas, and opinions are entirely my own.

Adventure Time text #spon Come out and play with BMO and the gang! Cartoon Network just released ADVENTURE TIME: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON on Blu-ray and DVD on February 25th. It’s packed with more than four hours of episodes plus an alternative show intro and episode commentary for all 26 episodes. My kids (including my 19 year old) are huge fans of ADVENTURE TIME so having this on hand is great for us! There isn’t always time for a movie night like I’d like. And sometimes when I’m really busy and Bubby wants to watch something on TV but none of his shows are on (cracks me up that a 5 year old has “shows”), I can pop this in and we can watch as little, or as much, as we’d like.

Make your own BMO #spon

The  disks come in a custom collectible BMO die-cut slipcase that transforms your Blu-ray and DVD packaging into your very own collectible BMO figurine. How fun is that? Just cut out BMO’s arms and legs, glue them according to the simple instructions, and you’ve got your own BMO. Who wants a hug?

Adventure Time 3rd Season DVD text #spon

The babies loved the simple activity, easy enough for them to do, and we had fun watching episode one with BMO, some animal crackers, and our BMO Blue Fizz (yes, 7 Up with Blue food coloring…seriously, it’s easy to impress these 2). They have only watched a few more episodes since then so there’s still hours of fun to be had. Plus, we no longer have to wait for one of Bubby’s favorites to come on TV.

You know what I’m talking about. The kid looks at you and says, “Turn it to Adventure Time”. But it’s not on. They don’t get it. They really think YOU control the TV schedules, not the networks, right? OK, well now I really can control things like that (which makes this control freak pretty happy)!

movie night snacks #spon

Head to your favorite local retailer or purchase online. It’s available now and you too can own ADVENTURE TIME: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON on Blu-ray and DVD, plus your own BMO. Hours of fun for “children” of all ages.

Do your kids love ADVENTURE TIME? Who’s their favorite character? Do they have a favorite episode? Mine actually love BMO the most so this find was a big score for sure!