Unbroken: My Word of the Year for 2016

My word of the year for 2016 is officially Unbroken. Is it even a word? I considered many words, but a friend suggested this word, and for many reasons, literally and figuratively, this is the word I decided upon. In 2016, I will be Unbroken.

Every year, like many others, I try to resolve (no I don’t do resolutions because those are just stoopid…I’m not suddently going to be buff or whatever) to be better than the year before. As with all of the many years before, I resolve to find one word, one sentiment, that will carry me throughout the year, to guide me to be better. This year, unbroken will guide me. Literally and figuratively, I refuse to be broken.

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If you’ve been following along at all (I thank all 5 of you), you know that I’m physically broken right now. I’m trying to cope with it, but it’s not going as well as planned and it’s frustrating. But that’s not all. In a lot of ways, I’m not just physically broken. A whole lot of me has been broken for many years and it’s time for me to be unbroken. It’s time for me to take charge. This year, 2016, is the year that I resolve to be unbroken for good. I will be strong (another word I considered), I will cherish the love (yet another word I considered) that I’m afforded, and I will be unbroken.

I will heal. Unbroken.

My arm will heal and be unbroken.

My heart will heal and be unbroken.

My soul will heal and be unbroken.

This year, 2016, I will be whole. This is the year I will finally be unbroken.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Inspiration from the Palm Trees

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Earlier today, I was on a video conference with some co-workers and friends. The weather came up, as it often does when people aren’t in the same geographic region. I started complaining about the cold again. I explained that those of us in Southeast Texas have the right to complain about the cold, especially in March, because it should be in the 70s (at least) this time of year. And it’s in the 30s and 40s. We chose this climate for a reason, this was not the reason!

Somehow it came up again that the palm trees actually froze over on the island this year. One of my co-workers, my friend, kind of glazed over. I thought she was in shock about the deep freeze. Nope. She exclaimed, “You have PALM TREES in Texas?”. Of course we do, and even though they are trimmed back in the winter, they’re still beautiful to me. They inspire me. They just seem so strong and ever changing. To me, that’s a good thing.

Even though it wasn’t a beautiful sunny day today, I decided to share this with you. This STRONG palm stands outside of my back door. I watch it flow and change with the wind and with the seasons. It calms me when I’m frustrated, angry, or just feel a little burdened. I needed that conversation about weather today.

My initial whining about the weather turned into my admiration for my surroundings again. I love this place. I love my life. I’m thankful for the daily reminders.