My 3.5 Pound Pooch is Eating Us Out of House & Home

For the record, there really is absolutely no point to this post. It’s just an island-dweller’s rant. I felt I should warn you!

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My 3.5 pound Yorkie is killing my budget. He’s a hog. He’s eating like 3 bowls of food a day. I guess I’m jealous, because where does he put it? He wears it so well.

This all started about a week ago. Buddy was eating one little bowl of food a day, and then BAM, he got hungry. Super, duper hungry. To the tune of 3 high-priced bowls of food a day. I mean, I had to feed him. He cried for food. I was afraid my little bitty was about to be a 50 pound beast or something. Like a Yorkie on German Shepherd steroids. Certainly, that was the only logical explanation. Because we all know how logical my thinking is.

Then I noticed the bird mess. And I noticed these guys were hanging out way more than normal. And I noticed these THINGS were coming in groups. Often. THEN, one of them, the now porch dwellers, made a bold move. I was outside and this son of a biscuit eater jumped down to Buddy’s bowl and ate his food. Right in front of me. Then his friends came to visit. And eat. One at a time. Eating and crapping. I told you I don’t like birds dang it.


AND these boogers just look grumpy. WHY?

I mean, they’re getting free food. They’re using our balcony as a toilet. They should be happy. They should look happy. I feel violated.

So what’s my point? I probably don’t have one. This is just more of an island-dweller’s rant.

The good news is, Buddy isn’t turning into a dragon shepherd beast and he’s not actually eating us out of house and home. The bad news? B wants to take his BB gun out and scare off the island wildlife. I’m torn. If these jokers didn’t look so grumpy, I’d put my foot down. But well, look at him!

Dog food stealing, grumpy looking, poop on the balcony beasts be gone!