Dress Up for the Holidays? You Bet We Do!

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We Gossetts are not your typical family. You say dress up for holidays and you probably mean suits and ties, dresses and sandals. We, on the other hand, mean Super Heroes and Hello Kitty!

This Easter, we played “dress up”. I love that the babies love to dress up and I love that they don’t like to do it in the traditional manner. My babies play dress up all year long. There’s no reason to wait for Halloween. My Bug is usually a beautiful princess or something equally girly, and my Bubby will always be my Superman (or any other super hero if given the opportunity). Imagination in children is a beautiful thing that should be fostered by whatever means possible. Each of the babies actually have a costume drawer in their dresser that we add to regularly.

This Easter, they wanted to “dress up” and I was sure to make it happen.  They needed something new for the occasion though. Online shopping was my friend since I’ve been pretty busy these days. I actually did an online comparison shop with the babies’ help. We typically shop at Party City in-store but it seemed that Costume Express had a lot to offer online so why not give that a shot too, right? For the record, Party City offers better online prices on their costumes, but Costume Express offers better shipping options and in-stock items galore.

The Costume Express site it really easy to navigate, the shipping prices are right, the availability is endless, and check out is super easy.
The Party City site is crazy busy, harder to navigate, the costume prices are low, but they have almost nothing in stock and the shipping is really high if you’re in a hurry!
But let’s get back to my babies and their Easter dress up outfits, shall we? Bug decided on a sparkly Hello Kitty outfit and Bubby just so happened to choose Flash…ah-ah! Bazinga! How awesome is that?
The babies were thrilled when their Easter outfits arrived.
Easter Egg Hunts have never been more fun!
They had confetti egg fights and I laughed until I cried!
Flash costume for Easter = $65.00. Confetti eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide = $2.50. Watching Bubby find an egg that matched his costume = PRICELESS!

My babies have a good life. Costumes for every day occasions or holidays, warm weather, confetti egg fights, and living on an island. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Celebrate every day. We’re only here for a limited time. Make every day, and every holiday, count. And don’t be afraid to “dress up” in your every day life! I might *or might not* wear my tiara on my shopping trips often just because I can. I guess these nuts don’t fall far from the tree after all. Celebrate life! It’s too short to waste!

Be sure to check out Chasing Fireflies and Buy Costumes for more ideas for your everyday dress up celebrations. Seriously, you’ll thank me later. You’ve missed way too much “dress up” at this point in your life!

Avoid the Holiday Walk of Shame with Cookie’s Kids

Sometimes I’m a bad mom. There, I said it. Once you’re through judging me, please read on because I’ve figured out a way to fix at least part of it and explain it to you here.

You’re still here? Good, now let me explain that horrible photo above, my failure as a mother, and share with you my plan for rectifying said failure.

We took Bug and Bubby to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops a couple of weeks ago. Bug had a new dress and she was lovely. I searched through Bubby’s drawers and came up with nothing but a bunch of ill-fitting, mismatched clothes. But we had promised them Santa and we had to deliver. I shamefully dressed him in blue sweatpants and a red and black Cars shirt. This is what he wanted and he most certainly always gets what he wants. There was no other choice (well other than a Sponge Bob shirt that was too short and that wouldn‘t do). 

So we headed to Bass Pro and we have this photo for eternity to remind us (me) that my mom skills are not always top notch. He’s a boy. It’s OK. He really doesn’t care, but I do! 
This beautiful blue-eyed, messy-haired, gap-toothed little man is the apple of my eye. Seriously, if you’ve been following along at all, you would know this. In my eyes, he can do no wrong and he’s the funniest, most kind-hearted person on the planet. His clothes should reflect his beauty. I’ve been busy. I haven’t noticed. But with the holidays and impending festivities, I’ve realized that I have to do something…and fast! I don’t have time to shop for clothes and have him try them on. What’s a momma to do? We have a Christmas party coming up soon and I refuse to take this walk of shame again!

We don’t need fancy suits and dresses. My kids just aren’t the fancy variety, I am their mother after all. We just need matchies and I don’t want to break the bank. 

Enter Cookie’s Kids to the rescue. Have you ever heard of them? This site is full of kids clothing and more. You can find holiday outfits, every day kid’s clothing,  school uniforms, and so much more at amazing prices! And it doesn’t matter how busy you are. You never have to leave your own home and you don’t have to get out of your own mismatched jammies to shop
And when I say amazing prices, I mean amazing. This Spiderman outfit that Bubby adored normally retails at $30.00 but we snagged it for $12.99. That’s a 57% savings! You can see my full shopping experience in my Google+ Album for more details and tips and tricks.
Bubby’s outfits were delivered in less than a week and let me tell you, my little man was more than excited to model them for me.
Not only does he match, but this baby is stylin’ and profilin’. He’s an amazing model and I wish I had enough space here to show you the entire photo shoot. This kid cracks me up!
I’d say that’s one happy little mister. You won’t catch me on the walk of shame again this holiday season. My baby has clothes that fit and match. Maybe I’m not such a bad mom after all. We’re ready for our holiday parties now. He won’t be wearing suits. So what? It’s not our style! But if it‘s yours, Cookie’s Kids can help you out with that too. Be sure to check them out! And don’t worry about size. They have an Alva Kids Icon. Just click that, enter your kid’s height and weight, and they recommend the perfect size for that particular brand. It was spot on for us! 
Bubby wants YOU to visit Cookie’s Kids to make sure your kids have matching outfits for the holidays. It’s so affordable, and if you shop now, you can save an additional 10% sitewide by entering the code: insanityisnotanoption at check out. Pretty cool huh? I know, I’m all famous like that. Take advantage of it before that code expires on 12/21/12. 
Cookie’s Kids clothes are Bubby-approved and that’s pretty important in my book.

Be sure to check them out and do some shopping on their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter for all of the latest deals. You can thank me later! Bubby already thanked me and I’m feeling like a good mom again (at least until my next failure).

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Cookie’s Kids. As always, all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own. #cbias #CookiesKids #SocialFabric