Natural Looks for Summer: Get that Sun Kissed Look for Less with Rimmel

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Summertime means fun in the sun here on the island. We play at the pool, we go to the beach, we ride bikes, walk the Seawall, and play at the park as much as we can. And summer brings out my fun, lighter side. Not only in my attitude, but in my clothing and makeup as well. Luckily for me, the makeup trend this summer is to “go nude” and Rimmel products make that affordable.

I could take that whole “go nude” thing literally, but let’s face it, clothes are an acceptable societal norm so I wear them. And not wearing makeup at all is unthinkable to me. I’ve always been a makeup junkie and the older I get, the worse my addiction gets. I keep a budget for it. I’m not kidding.

During the colder months, when we stay indoors more, I wear a pretty heavy “face” to cover my pores, hide the bags under my eyes, and minimize the wrinkles. Plus I’m pasty white during those months and I like to liven things up a bit. But during the summer, I stay very tan and I like to let that natural glow show. I do wear heavier sunblock on my face now because apparently the sun wasn’t my friend all of those years so my face tends to stay much lighter than the rest of my body now. So for more reasons than one, I refuse to go nude.

That’s where Rimmel products come in. I needed a fresher, sun kissed look for summer, without the look of heavy makeup. Rimmel offers affordable makeup so I didn’t have to break the bank to achieve my natural glow. They offer a wide variety of products and I love all of the earth tones they have available. For me, there are only a few essentials and Rimmel offers them all at Walmart for only $3.97 each. So let’s get down to business shall we. I’m going to show you how I got my look but I must warn you, you will be seeing something very few people have in the past 10 years. ME WITHOUT MAKEUP!

Always start with a good foundation applied with a brush, not a sponge. I used Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation for a poreless finish. Then for the sun kissed glow, apply a bronzer to get the appearance of a tan without all of the skin damage. For this I used Rimmel Natural Bronzer.

The eyes, it’s all about the eyes. Seriously, your eyes are the windows to your soul. You need to make them shine. I picked an awesome Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad, Sun Safari, to fit my theme, and I loved how the earth tones blended with my skin tones and only served to enhance my eyes rather than make them look made up and heavy. Split your eye up with the colors. Dark in the crease, light on the upper lid to brighten and open the eyes, bright on the inside lower lid, with a subdued darker color on the outer lower lid.

Although I did buy two of these Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliners, I chose a brown shade for this more natural look. I do wear my eyeliner heavy no matter what, so that will never look totally natural, but I just feel a good outline opens up your eyes and brings attention to them. And this one is waterproof which is great because yes, I even wear my makeup at the pool and beach.

My lips are thin so I like to use lip colors to highlight them but I don’t want anything bold. I chose to use a base color from the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate collection to shape my lips.

And gloss that up with Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss for that extra shine and sparkle that I enjoy so much!

I love this gloss and at only $3.97 a tube, I can buy lots of different colors to wear all summer long. And it lasts for 6 hours, that’s not just a claim, it really does!

I’m pleased with the look that I achieved and the money that I saved achieving it. All 6 products that I used cost just under $30. Now I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy my summer being “nude”. And it’s our little secret!

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If you want even more ideas for your own natural, sun kissed look for the summer, be sure to read the LiveSoFab Summer Digital Magazine. You’ll love all of the fun stuff inside. Happy summer y’all!

Sunday Sanity ~ My Week In Sparkles #3

Where did you find your sparkles this week? OK, so “technically” I know it is no longer Sunday. But you see, when I woke up today at about 9:00 am (slacker), it was Sunday and I’m still up so “technically”, it still is Sunday for me. Might tell you how my week’s been going. It’s been busy…it’s always busy! You know I like busy. But I couldn’t neglect to tell y’all what made my week worthwhile…where I found my sparkles! This week’s sparklefest happened at the pool. 
While the world was celebrating all of the US wins at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, we were hosting our own events here in The Woods. My babies rocked it! Seriously, they took every medal and they made me giggle. On Saturday, I decided to tune out a bit (OK so I did take my laptop, my DROID, and my camera…don’t hate…I am what I am). We headed for the pool…just me and the babies…let the games begin!
The opening ceremonies moved me to tears (of laughter…seriously what is with these kids?).
 The competitors are focused!
And excited for the games!
There was synchronized swimming!
A little prep before the diving competition (this!
I know I should be nervous! I’m her mother and she is about to do a full dive in to 3 feet of water…stay tuned! I know the outcome!
Bwahaha…the dive that shocked the world!
 Nailed it! She knew she won the Gold at this very moment.
And as if THAT weren’t enough, there were even gymnastics!
Yes it was a good day and I was proud of my babies and their medals. But most of all, I was happy I found my sparkles! I spent time with my babies and we needed that! Make every moment count. Find your sparkles where ever they hide. My babies won gold medals this week! How did your world sparkle?

Pool Hoppin’ (Literally)

I’m not a photographer by any means, but every once in a while, I catch a shot that’s just too good not to share!  Memorial Day weekend brought many of these shots.  We practically lived at the pool all weekend and I was a snapping fool.

This shot of my “step” daughter is priceless!  I caught her in mid air, making an awesome face, and just having fun.  I love it and I hope you do too!

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was filled with fun, laughter, and special moments like mine.  Family time can’t be topped!  Goofy family time is priceless!  Enjoy the goofy moments in life, they’ll be the ones you miss most when your kids are grown.