Shark Rocket: Blast Your Way Into Clean with This Pint-Sized Power House

Although I did receive compensation in the form of a Shark Rocket *SQUEE* for this post from Alpaytac Inc., I promise you I would have talked about this anyway, and all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own. Y'all know I love to clean. No, let me rephrase that...I love things to be clean. I don't suppose anyone really "loves" to spend all of their time constantly cleaning, but I just can't stand a mess. Not on my walls, not in the toy bins, not in the bathrooms, not in the kitchen, and certainly not on my carpets or other surfaces my family comes in contact with. Enter my new savior...the Shark Rocket. All of the power without the weight. That's a pretty important factor to this pint-sized momma. And it cleans better than a full sized Dyson (which by the way guys, I'm not a fan of because of the cyclonic action that actually does DAMAGE to your carpets, but I do dig the deep clean). Yes, after being bitten by the Shark in Chicago with the Shark Sonic Duo, and then hearing … [Read more...]

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