Holiday Gifting Inspired by Starbucks Delicious Pairings

If you've been following along at all this month, you are highly aware that I am a) a last minute holiday shopper, b) a coffee addict, and c) a lover of all things from the movie Elf. That's incredibly random, I know, but let me explain how I used all three of them as inspiration this week. On Wednesday evening I was feeling incredibly accomplished. I thought I was finished with my Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, I was not as I had moronically forgotten to buy anything for Bug's Kindergarten teacher. The worst mother of the year award was imminent. Thursday morning, I knew I had to redeem myself so Bubby and I headed to Walmart to pick up a gift card. As soon as we walked in the door, I realized how lame that was. A gift card? I was trying to redeem myself in my daughter's eyes for goodness sakes. I'd have to be more clever than that.And that's when I saw this which was the beginning of my inspiration for my last minute gifting idea. Right in the middle of the Bakery Department, … [Read more...]

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